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Neck Pain Testimonials

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San Francisco Chiropractors | Neck Surgery Cancelled!!

Spanish Testimonial - No More Neck and Back Pain!

Richard Davis - Neck and Arm Pain Relief!

Dr. So is like Jesus for the spine. My neck had been cracking for the last year and a half and it was freaking me out. My previous chiropractor didn't even take X-rays, for chrissakes. These guys did the X-rays, did the tests, told me what was wrong, and gave me the crack right away. I felt great right after the first crack session. Who knew that sitting in front of a computer for 20 years could skew people thus? God bless that crack doctor man, for I was sick, and now I am healed.

San Francisco Chiropractor

I've started seeing Dr. Kenneth So in September 2013. I was skeptical in seeing a chiropractor, but my neck was in incredible pain & "suck" for a week so I was desperate for relief.

Reading the reviews here on Yelp, yes it is true, the first appointment is usually long as hell. You usually sit around for a few hours filling paper work, xrays, talk to the nurses/ doctors about where you have pain and read/ discuss about subluxation. But after that's done, the usual waiting time is around 5-45 minutes depending on what time and day your appointment is. The waiting room is usually full of people on a Monday.

So how was the service? AH-MAZING. I've seen Dr. Kenneth So over 20x (And checked in most of the time too!) In the beginning I didn't really feel like going to see a chiropractor was doing my of a difference until I realized that I stop having body aches. It wasn't until recently when I have stopped making appointments for over 2-3 months that my body has started to ache again. It literally felt like I forgot how bad my body pains were until they came back. I didn't believe it myself!

Dr. Kenneth So is also extremely gentle and experienced. I never had pain or felt hurt whenever I had my neck and back adjusted. You just hear a loud cracking sound, but NO PAIN. Dr. Kenneth So is also super nice and also goes beyond my expectations because he really shows that he cares not only in how your progress is going but also how you are mentally/ physically in your life (like asks how my diet is, how I've been feeling, how's family, small talk that shows that he cares)

I also wanted to add that I had been seen by his daughter, Dr. Candice So once when Dr. Kenneth So was out of town. I must say, she is not as experienced as her father. I'm sure she is still just as qualified, but it was the first time that I felt like an adjustment hurt. It took her 2x to crack my neck when it usually takes one time for Dr. Kenneth So to crack my neck smoothly and pain free. It's just something I noticed.

The only CON that I can think of is that it is expensive. IT IS SUPER EXPENSIVE to be seen by a chiropractor. If you can afford it, it's DEFINITELY WORTH getting seen. Even if you don't have MAJOR problems like a car accident, if you can afford it and have the time, I think that seeing a chiropractor is definitely beneficial in your health.

Chiropractor San Francisco CA
Ruhjeenuh Z.

I have been seeing Dr. Candice for over a year now and I look forward to every visit! I never knew anything was actually causing my occasional lower back pain and stiff neck and shoulders- just too much work and not enough rest. But after coming across Dr. Candice at the Union Street Festival and getting a great discount on a full assessment and X-rays she showed me the lack of a proper curve in my spine.

At first I went frequently to correct the problem and now I go 1-2 times a month for a quick adjustment and I feel great. For me it feels like I am getting the relaxation of a massage and the benefits of a therapy session in a 15 minute visit! The office staff is great and very accommodating with schedule changes, and best part- there is a massage therapist in the office so it really is a one-stop shop!

Chiropractor San Francisco CA
Laura C.

This is my first review, but I had to let everyone know how wonderful Candice is. I have had neck pain for many years and finally decided to get checked out. I met Candice at Union Street fair and she advised that I come visit her. After our first appointment I knew I had made a good choice. I really like that she takes the time to get to know you and listens to whats going on and any ailments, etc you are experiencing. She is also big on educating you on how everything is interconnected.

Candice and I are working long term to fix my neck alinement, I already feel better and am looking forward to a pain free life.

Chiropractor San Francisco CA
Angela U.

I've been going to LS&H Chiro for a host of neck/back problems stemming from my old volleyball days and some random car/sports injuries. Both Dr. Candice So and Kenneth So are superb! They always take great care when treating me, and I always walk out of the office feeling like a new person. I'm being treated more by Dr. Candice now, and she does a great job of explaining what the issues are and how I can avoid those issues in the future. She stresses long-term wellness as opposed to just alleviating the issue at hand, which I appreciate. Best of all, they're both super nice and friendly! Definitely 5 stars!

Chiropractor San Francisco CA
Al W.

Three out of five in this family going with various issues that needed to be addressed and wanted to avoid surgery. One of us is a health professional. We have found this practice to be top notch and incredible time spent on assessing our issues. I will once again be able to lift weights with a neck problem that was on going for years and back to ballet with a hip that can now move freely. Professional, friendly and efficient. I am in and out and I do love the location.

Chiropractor San Francisco CA
Katrena M.

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